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We at Gartland Real Estate can provide advice on a number of issues pertaining to your potential or completed purchase or sale.

  • Market Appraisals
  • Matching buyers to your property
  • Sale & Purchase - Rental Appraisals
  • Matching tenants to your property
  • Property Management
  • Commercial Sales Leasing and Management

Advertising & Leasing Properties

We have acknowledged the importance of selecting the best quality tenant for your home and the role of our Leasing Manager is to service prospective tenants to ensure that tenants are able to view properties quickly (accompanied by the Leasing Manager), their application forms processed promptly and approval obtained from yourself.

Quality prospective tenants will often apply for a number of properties at one time, due to the competition in the rental market, and we take all steps necessary to have a decision for them in the quickest time possible.

The Leasing Manager also maintains a data base of prospective tenants which are notified of any new listings that may meet their requirements. This also assists in leasing your property to the best possible tenant, for the highest rent and within the quickest amount of time.

The number one tool for tenants searching for a rental property is via the internet and all properties are featured on a number of internet sites with the most popular being gartland.com.au, realestate.com.au & domain.com.au.

These internet sites allow for a comprehensive description and numerous photos which all assists prospective tenants searching for property.

Gartland Real Estate also has the Seek Property feature on our website which enables tenants to register the type of property they are seeking and they will then be emailed or sms when a property matching their criteria is listed on our website.

The Geelong Advertiser is also a very good resource for prospective tenants and your property will feature in the Saturday & Wednesday editions. The Gartland format in the newspaper allows for your property to be prominent and easy to identify.

Our office is centrally located where a lot of foot traffic passes by. We find a lot of enquiry for rental properties is from people coming into the office and we have a rental list available at our reception desk.

Erecting a ‘For Lease’ board at the property is another way to ensure maximum exposure to the public notifying them that your property is available for lease.

Selection Of Tenants

At Gartland Real Estate, we believe that the successful management of your property begins with selecting the best tenant possible. All enquiries regarding your property are handled immediately and professionally, and upon commencement of the marketing campaign we endeavor to conduct internal inspections as soon as possible.

We guarantee that our leasing manager escorts potential tenants on every inspection,providing an opportunity to interact with all interested parties, and also ensuring the security of your property at all times.  Our company policy does not allow prospective tenants to access your property unaccompanied. A database is kept of quality prospective tenants who are contacted when new properties become available for lease.

Once an initial inspection of the property has been carried out, the potential tenant will be asked to complete a detailed Tenancy Application Form, which is processed within 48 hours by one of our property managers.

We carry out the following screening process:

*Identity checks (including a photocopy of the applicant’s drivers licence or passport)

*Employment verification to confirm the applicant can meet weekly rental payments

*Previous rental history (applicant must have previous rental history)

*National data base search on TICA, which acts as a blacklist for tenants with poor rental history

Along with any other necessary reference checks including character, business and personal references as required.

Once we believe we have found an applicant who matches our stringent criteria, we will contact you to discuss their suitability. You will always have final approval of an application.

Once an applicant has been approved they must pay the initial two weeks rent to secure the property. We will then complete all relevant documentation including the Tenancy Agreement (which we sign on your behalf and a copy is provided to you), Bond Lodgement Form and Condition Report.

The Tenant is required to pay a bond equivalent to one months rent before taking possession of the property. The bond is held by the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) until the tenant vacates.

Lease Agreement

Gartland Real Estate will prepare the Lease Agreement using the REIV standard lease agreement and we sign this agreement on your behalf (as authorised in the Leasing & Management Authority).A copy of this Lease Agreement will be forwarded to you for your files after the tenant occupies the property.

Rental Payments

Tenants are able to pay their rent on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and must ensure their rent is paid in advance.

Rent can be paid by direct debit, bank transfer or cash.

Landlord Payments

Landlord payments are made at the end of each month. We can also arrange payments to you on the 15th of each month if you would prefer to be paid on a twice monthly basis.  Funds will be paid directly into a nominated bank account.  A full statement of payment will be emailed to you when the payment is processed.

End Of Financial Year Statements

End of financial year statements (being a comprehensive summary of all transactions) are provided within a fortnight of the end of the financial year to the landlord for taxation purposes free of charge.


Once the tenant has contacted us to report any maintenance requirements, your property manager will call you to advise you of the issue and ask if you would like to assess the repair yourself, or if you are happy for us to send your preferred tradesperson or our tradesperson.
If necessary we will go to the property to assess the situation and take photos which can then be forwarded to you.

When we are appointed as managers of your property we will ask you to complete an “Owners Instruction Form” which asks you to supply us with details of your preferred tradesmen, and amounts we are able to spend on your behalf.

If the matter is urgent and we are unable to contact you within a reasonable amount of time, we will arrange the maintenance using your nominated tradesperson or our preferred tradesperson.
When a maintenance issue is reported we will contact you immediately. Repairs are only carried out by guaranteed & licensed tradespeople with the appropriate insurance.  We make sure they are qualified and fully licensed.

Gartland has an after hours maintenance service that allows tenants to report urgent repairs only, and the Property Manager will use their discretion in attending to this maintenance.  The Residential Tenancies Act allows tenants to arrange emergency maintenance up to $1000.

Routine Inspections

In order to ensure that your property is being looked after, we will conduct a Routine Inspection within the first 4-5 months and then every 6-9 months thereafter. We will send you a written report stating the condition of the property and whether there are any maintenance issues to report.  The inspection also gives us an opportunity to speak to the tenants about renewing their lease and reviewing the current rent rate for a rent increase.  External inspections are conducted on a regular basis.

Rent Arrears

Gartland Real Estate monitors arrears daily.  No one likes to think their tenants will fall behind in rent but it does happen. Under most circumstances it will only take a reminder phone call, but we also send SMS messages, emails and letters.  We will endeavor to minimise the problem and arrange a payment plan with the tenant.

If a tenant falls 4 or 5 days in arrear a reminder letter is sent to the tenant and a phone call is made.
If the rent falls 10 days in arrears a second letter is sent advising the consequences of not paying rent, and the tenant is contacted by phone.

Should the tenant fall 14 days or more in arrears, and all other avenues have been exhausted, a Notice to vacate is served followed by an application to VCAT for a hearing.  At the VCAT hearing we can obtain a vacant possession order which enables an eviction warrant to be issued, adjourn the matter for 3 months, or withdraw the matter if the arrears have been rectified.


Water Rates
If your property is separately metered for water we will notify Barwon Water of the new tenant details and the tenant will be responsible for the water volume charge.  A tenant can only be charged for the volume amount.  The remainder of the account, water service charge, sewerage service charge and sewer volume, is payable by the landlord. If the property is not separately metered (shared meter), the landlord is responsible for the entire account including water volume.


In most circumstances tenants are expected to mow lawns, weed garden beds, water gardens (as per water restrictions) and remove garden rubbish. It is recommended that landlords arrange for the pruning of trees & shrubs when required.  If the garden is substantial we recommend that you, or a gardener attend to the property and the cost be included in the rent.

Payment of Accounts
Gartland Real Estate can pay any account relating to your property including council rates, water rates, insurance and owners corporation fees.  Just arrange to have these accounts directed to Gartland Real Estate and the payments will appear on your monthly statement along with a copy of the invoice. 

Rent Reviews

Approximately three months before the current lease is due to expire, we will contact you to discuss if you would like to renew the lease. If you would like the tenants to sign another lease, we will contact them to arrange this.  A tenant is not required to sign a further lease if they do not wish to.  A tenancy can continue on a periodic (month to month) basis.  Upon the renewal of the lease we will prepare all documentation. At this stage we will advise you as to any possible rent increase.

Final Inspection
At the end of the tenancy; when the tenant vacates and keys are handed in to our office, your Property Manager will conduct a final inspection of the property.  You are also invited to perform a final inspection and the bond will only be refunded with your approval.  All bonds must be refunded within 14 days of the keys being returned.