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April 17th

As we are all affected in varying ways by the profound effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s in these uncertain times that Landlords need the support of their managing agent.

With the ever-evolving landscape, Gartland Property remain up to date with new laws surrounding residential rental properties. We continue our always, positive approach to all matters and are here to discuss any concerns and advise you on best practice to ensure minimal impact to your very important investment. In saying this, we will use our professionalism, discretion, compassion and understanding when dealing with any situation as it presents.

With an extraordinarily low percentage of arrears (2.3%); our daily reporting, thorough and respectful approach to what can be a sensitive matter remains our number one priority. As a Landlord you may have questions around the current laws surrounding arrears, the moratorium on evictions and our strategies that have been implemented to ensure arrears remain very low.



With a vacancy rate of under 1%, we are still receiving enquiries from prospective tenants through various platforms. As such Gartland Property are undertaking private inspections within the Government guidelines and subsequently converting approved applicants.

Routine General Inspections are currently on hold in the short term whilst we investigate virtual tours; we are however still able to facilitate all other duties associated with residential property management.

As we continue to navigate through the challenges, we will remain vigilant on Government updates.

If you are wanting to seek advice on matters relating to the Covid-19 pandemic and how this may impact your investment property, please contact me.

It’s all in the detail.
It’s all in the detail.
It’s all in the detail.
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