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Celebrating Our Team On International Women’s Day 2020

March 17th

At Gartland Property, we’re incredibly proud of our team. Every single member of our staff has been employed because of their talent, experience and their fit with our business. We also actively support gender equality in our workplace. reports that women account for about 65 per cent of Australia’s real estate industry. We’re delighted that 71% of the Gartland Property team are women.

Every March, International Women’s Day encourages the world to recognise women and the roles they play in our society, inspiring us all to strive for sustained gender equality. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to celebrate the wonderful women of Gartland Property.

Our female staff are employed in various roles throughout the office from our Receptionist, through to our Business Development Manager and Senior Commercial Asset Manager.

As with all of our team, we hire individuals who perform their roles to the highest standard each and every day. Gartland Property has a long history in Geelong for excellence in real estate, and we are proud that this remains the primary strength of our business.

Gartland’s Female-Forward Team

Gartland Property Operations Manager Adam Boyce describes the profound impact female staff have on the company’s success.

“Several of the women at Gartland Property have been with the business for many years, both under the former ownership and now with Michael De Stefano, following his acquisition in 2015. 

“Gaye Evans and Diana Fierro, both in our Commercial Property Management division, together with Kate Warby and Tamara Harris in Residential Property Management, have been well respected in the Geelong real estate industry for close to two decades. 

“Whilst newer to our office, Seka Powell would arguably be the most successful sales agent throughout the Golden Plains regions for the past 20 years. All of the women in our team, I believe, set the benchmark for real estate in Geelong.”

Adam continues by describing how he hires the best person for the job at Gartland Property.

“Whilst I understand and recognise the importance for equal opportunity employment and the responsibility to cultivate a well-balanced team of people, my focus always, when recruiting for any role, is that I want the very best person for that job. Not only from a skill set perspective but someone who is the right cultural fit for the Gartland Property team. 

“I believe, both for myself and for the Gartland business as a whole, the fact that our current workforce is predominately female is a significant point of difference and advantage to us. Particularly in an industry that has traditionally been a male-dominated environment. I am a great believer in hiring the best person for the job and then letting them do their thing. I want to learn from them!”.

Meet Some Of The Women of Gartland

Name: Seka Powell
Role: Licenced Residential Sales Agent
Joined Gartland: May 2017
Why I chose to work at Gartland: I liked that it was a boutique/people agency, not a churn environment. What I enjoy most about my role is problem-solving and making a difference in people’s lives.
Greatest career achievement: Empowering my clients to make the right decision for themselves and helping them make these decisions in a team environment.
What International Women’s Day means to me: Global celebration of women’s achievements.

Name: Breanna Dooley
Role: Commercial Facilities Coordinator
Joined Gartland: February 2019
Why I chose to work at Gartland: New experience. I enjoy solving issues, whether related to maintenance or not I love the sense of achievement when an issue is resolved
Greatest career achievement: Learning something new each and every day. I am still quite young when it comes to developing a career. However, I feel great pride in knowing at the end of each day, I have come across a new challenge and have learnt something in the process.
What International Women’s Day means to me: Celebration of all women in everything that they do.

Name: Gaye Evans
Role: Senior Commercial Asset Manager
Joined Gartland: November 2009
Why I chose to work at Gartland: I worked in Commercial Real Estate in Sydney, and at the time Gartland had a commercial position available. I enjoy the variety; no situation or lease matter are the same.
Greatest career achievement: I was the Labour Network Manager in Sydney in 2000.
What International Women’s Day means to me: Creating more public awareness of women’s roles in the home and workplace.

Name: Emily Reid
Role: Business Development Manager
Joined Gartland: May 2018
Why I chose to work at Gartland: Having worked in Media Sales for the previous three years, I felt it was time to continue my real estate career with Gartland. I had previously enjoyed a career in Real Estate since 1997- you always return to your passion. I enjoy working at Gartland Property for the diverse range of people I get to meet/speak with on a day to day basis. Each day is different and exciting in Property Management.
Greatest career achievement: Being awarded the top individual agent within a large franchise. I gained a great sense of achievement having taken out the coveted award after my hard work in a challenging and competitive industry.
What International Women’s Day means to me: Being a Mum of two, juggling work life and sole parenting can be tricky. I’m fortunate to work in an environment that is family focused. The acknowledgement of women in the workplace is just another way we acknowledge women and the great work they do both professionally and personally.

Name: Kate Warby
Role: Senior Property Manager
Joined Gartland: Originally in 2007, then again in 2017
Why I chose to work at Gartland: I joined Gartland as I wanted to work with an innovative team that has a great culture. I like that not one day is the same. The variety of tasks I do on a daily basis is very broad. Clients put their trust in me to manage their properties for them. I take this role seriously, and when someone puts their trust in me, it gives me great satisfaction. I enjoy that there is always something to do.
Greatest career achievement: Through being in the industry for a substantial number of years, I can pass my skills and knowledge on to others.
What International Women’s Day means to me: It’s a day for women all over the world to come together and celebrate each other.

Name: Tamara Harris
Role: Residential Leasing Executive
Joined Gartland: March 2016 and I previously worked with Gartland Real Estate
Why I chose to work at Gartland: A great opportunity to try something new. I enjoy dealing with people.
Greatest career achievement: Longevity in the industry. This will be my 28th year in real estate.
What International Women’s Day means to me: A time to pause and reflect on the freedoms and the luxuries that I have today, that women before me didn’t always have the opportunity to do, or to be. I don’t take for granted the ability to not have to be married in order to work, to own property, or to vote. I largely live in a society that will allow me to freely learn, to undertake a career in whichever direction I so choose, and I can access adequate healthcare, have a strong degree of safety in my movements. None of these things were brought about easily and I thank those who gave more of themselves, so that I and others, may have more opportunities and freedoms than they had.

Name: Jessica Vieth
Role: Administration Coordinator
Joined Gartland: April 2019
Why I chose to work at Gartland: I was drawn to the role and heard great things about Gartland. I also got a great first impression during my first and second interviews. I felt very comfortable. I enjoy providing a service to our clients.
Greatest career achievement: Feeling completely satisfied and happy at my workplace with the team is my greatest achievement as I have struggled to find this in past workplaces.
What International Women’s Day means to me: Recognising, honouring and celebrating the important and impressive achievements of women.


Thank you to our amazing team for taking the time to reflect on their career journeys with Gartland Property, and on the importance of International Women’s Day.

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