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Listening, not just Listing

December 3rd

When the property market is ‘hot’, it seems there are shiny real estate agents around every corner, filling letterboxes with leaflets and promises.


But beyond all of the marketing and talk, I wonder if these new faces are fulfilling clients’ expectations after they’ve listed a property? Sadly, many vendors are disappointed when agents are more bluff than ‘brawn’. My real estate ‘muscle’ has been developed over two decades in the industry and I’m confident enough to use my knowledge and experience to roll up my sleeves and work hard for my vendors, not for my ego.


Good agents listen to their clients. They offer nuanced, tailored approaches to suit individual circumstances and aspirations. Properties are sold and purchased by people who are experiencing all sorts of changes in their lives, good and bad, and my breadth of experience means I have the expertise to suit your circumstances. I work with you to achieve the best results.


Recently I asked one of my vendors, Daryl Pagan (owner of Crichton’s Removals) why he, his wife and their children always choose to sell and purchase properties through me.


I am pleased to tell you that this is what he said –


“Seka, you offer consistent, professional and thorough customer-service. Your air of serenity, your maturity and level-headed demeanour always creates confidence with buyers and vendors. You put people at ease. 


We appreciate that you are an excellent listener and communicator because it is important to understand the particulars of what all parties are experiencing and thinking. Seka, you don’t just walk with us through our houses, you walk with us through our lives.


I like to say that you’re a ‘Purposeful Negotiator’ – that is, you are highly skilled at working with an unfolding situation as it happens, not complicating or overworking a deal. You understand the importance of avoiding unnecessary complications and delays. You are effective and to the point, and go out of your way to work with the people and details as they present.


Our family simply finds you great to work with! We’ve sold and purchased through you on many occasions and will continue to. You are our trusted, go-to agent. 


You achieve great results for us and I totally recommend you.”


Daryl Pagan



Thank you Daryl, it’s been a pleasure to be your agent and achieve fantastic outcomes for your family over the years.


– Seka Powell.

It’s all in the detail.
It’s all in the detail.
It’s all in the detail.
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