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‘Relationship Selling’ in a time of great challenge and rapid change

June 15th

Competition before COVID-19 was very high, I was meeting buyers at open for inspections that had missed out on purchasing.

Whilst there are fewer homes and fewer buyers in the marketplace, vendors are committed to selling and buyers are qualified with pre-approvals and job security . . . they’re ready to go!

I have now been in the real estate industry for more than 20 years.  The majority of this time having been spent owning and operating my own agency and at the forefront through the 9/11 disaster, the WFC and now COVID-19.  What I saw back then and what I believe I am seeing now, is people are wanting to put their hard-earned money into bricks and mortar!

Also now, as it was then, people are looking for a more regional lifestyle for their families. Whether it be Melbourne residents coming into Geelong or Geelong locals who are seeking a tree-change and looking to move into the Golden Plains area, such as Inverleigh, Bannockburn etc.

The reason for this is broad. Such as realizing they can work remotely with comfort, pricing is more desirable in regional areas, greater space for families to enjoy and mostly, the feeling of safety, security and connection to the community.

As always, I am positive about the current real estate market; I believe as agents we must be confident and resilient to help and support those individuals who in the market, whether it be to buy or sell.

Of course, the job stimulus packages have certainly done their part in keeping the market nice and steady and those in the know are confident our market should come through this event in good health.  The community and the general public are great! Those looking to buy, and sell are well informed and aware of the new rules and restrictions.

Why be confident about the market or why not . . . ?

We do have the lowest interest rates we’ve ever seen, and they will stay low for quite a while.  There are quality houses on the market, prices in our region are still affordable, banks are open to being reasonable with their lending policies and encourage buyers to get a true pre-approval.  So there is no guesswork as to what a buyer can or can’t afford.

Our responsibility as agents is to ask the right questions of a buyer, making sure they are ‘solid’ and well qualified to purchase. Our duty as agents is always to be honest and deliver the voice of the market to the vendor so that they have a clear and well-infirmed understanding of where their property and its price point sit in the current market.

Most buyers that enquire about a property are comfortable to go through at a scheduled open for inspection.  But for buyers who do not feel comfortable inspecting a property with multiple people, I’m always happy to accommodate in arranging private inspections, giving time to look through a property in comfort and answering any queries and problem-solving face to face.

Some people are calling this type of selling ‘old school’. I call it ‘relationship selling’, which I might add gives me great joy and I will continue to do relationship selling forever. My belief has always been it is about people, houses sell themselves.

There is great community spirit out there whilst recognizing that times have changed, we really are all in this together, we will come through it better and stronger.

My job as an agent is to help achieve what you want in selling and buying a home, in the time frame you need and to help you have the resilience to make this happen.

It’s all in the detail.
It’s all in the detail.
It’s all in the detail.
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