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Your Steady Hand For The Best Outcome

January 25th

Selling your home can be a very emotional journey and often people talk about loss when they speak about the sale of a property – it is a ’letting go’ of their home. Preparing a property for sale may prompt many meaningful memories and reflections on the hard work it has taken to build and create a home – often literal blood, sweat and tears! It is completely understandable that the process can feel very overwhelming.


Your steady hand


I am here to help. This is where the steady hand of a knowledgeable and professional agent can very much guide you, get you where you want go and achieve excellent outcomes along the way.


Most home-owners sell only a handful of times in their life, but I sell homes every day and I pride myself on being the type of agent who cares about both the process and outcome – helping my vendors find the most successful and direct path for them through the property-sales maze.


When you employ me to sell your home, you employ me to problem-solve and help you achieve outcomes that we have set together in order for you and your family to move on to your next home or stage in your life.


Here are some helpful points and beliefs that I stand by:


Choosing the right agent is not always about being quoted the highest price and the lowest commission. It’s about choosing an effective agent who listens to your needs and who will spend time communicating clearly with you.


An agent should keep you informed on what the market is saying , as well as how and what will be communicated to potential purchasers and what negotiation tactics or sales methods will be used in selling your property.


The more accurate information you are given from an agent and the more you are familiar with the terminology and sales process, the more likely you can make clear decisions along the way.


Always have a plan for the best and worst case scenario so you don’t make rash decisions that can cost you time, money and emotional energy.


Take a step back from your property if possible. Sometimes it helps to start gathering some personal items to put in storage or box up in the garage as this may help to distance yourself a little emotionally. It also gives the potential buyers a clearer picture of the property they are looking to buy without distraction.


Start looking at what and where your new home will be – but where possible try and stay detached whilst gaining knowledge of the market you are heading into. This means that when you are at the stage of accepting an offer, you will be prepared to make a purchasing or renting decision with confidence and ease.


Always feel comfortable to speak to me about your hopes, concerns, expectations, and with any questions you may have. We can do the homework together in the journey toward your next and exciting destination!

It’s all in the detail.
It’s all in the detail.
It’s all in the detail.
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