Importance of Health and Wellbeing in the Real Estate Industry

Health and Wellbeing in Real Estate The business of real estate is highly competitive and demands irregular working hours. While delivering a great service to our clients is vital, our success is only possible through the commitment and passion of our people. The importance of staff health, wellbeing and culture in our work environment aims[…..]

Dispelling the Myths of Auctions

Auction as a Buzz Word There is no doubt that the buzz word in real estate for at least the last 12 months in Geelong and the surrounds has been ‘Auction’. It is a word that instils both excitement and a little bit of fear in the minds of both buyers and sellers. Specifically, for[…..]

Geelong’s ‘healthy’ economy leads to jobs growth

While we’ve known about it for a while, the secret about Geelong is out. Property prices have been booming and more and more people are moving to our city by the bay.   Victoria’s largest regional city has its own airport, excellent rail links, port and university. Geelong is also buzzing with events and major[…..]

Victorian State Budget Recap

It will not come as a shock to anyone that stamp duty and land tax are a huge source of income for the government. The active market place is one that will continue to contribute to the States coffers, so it is pleasing to see a significant portion of this money being reinvested into key[…..]

27 years recession free, and still growing

Below is a snapshot of the recent Urban Property Australia report.   The key findings of note that have a direct influence on the Geelong market include;   – Economic growth is expected from household consumption. Greater spending ensures growth in the retail sector and a direct flow in to local income. – Employment growth[…..]

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