Victorian State Budget Recap

It will not come as a shock to anyone that stamp duty and land tax are a huge source of income for the government. The active market place is one that will continue to contribute to the States coffers, so it is pleasing to see a significant portion of this money being reinvested into key[…..]

27 years recession free, and still growing

Below is a snapshot of the recent Urban Property Australia report.   The key findings of note that have a direct influence on the Geelong market include;   – Economic growth is expected from household consumption. Greater spending ensures growth in the retail sector and a direct flow in to local income. – Employment growth[…..]

Why our CBD matters

Property is an industry driven by ideas. At the heart of any property transaction – buying, selling, building, developing – is a decision to invest in an idea. That idea could be, “I want a great home for my family in a safe location”. Or it could be, “I’m going to buy in a regional[…..]

What is the flow on effect of renovating your investment property?

There are significant benefits to renovating your investment property. Making adjustments and improvements to your investment can reap rewards. As quoted in the BMT insider, 2 key benefits of renovating your investment property include retaining quality tenants along with increasing sale price and capital gains.   As a landlord it is important not to be[…..]

Geelong Remains Undervalued

An interesting article by BMT tax depreciation specialists in which their key message is that ‘property investing in 2018 will be a little different to what we have experienced in the past.’   One of the key changes is an investors ability to secure a loan. In recent years, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)[…..]

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