Nathan Ashton

Nathan Ashton

Manager, Residential Sales

It is Nathan's mission to put 'real' back into the title real estate agent, and to provide outstanding service, exceptional communication, brilliant results and uncomplicated advice.

The real Nathan Ashton has a Bachelor of Business and Commerce specialising in Marketing and Economics. This gives him the enviable ability to understand, read and adapt quickly to changing market trends. He prides himself on being a leader and has quickly created a precedent of implementing innovative real estate practices to benefit his clients.

Whether it is work, rest or play, Nathan is committed to challenging himself so that he gets the absolute best out of every aspect of his life. Extremely dedicated to his career in real estate, he draws energy from other passions in his life, sport and his children.

His drive and dedication is reflected by the fact that he competed in, and completed the Hawaii Ironman World Triathlon Championships, undoubtedly the single toughest one day sporting event in the world.

It is this motivation and absolute devotion that is also whole heartedly reflected in his obsessions for real estate. You will be led and invigorated by his energy and take unconditional confidence in his ability to excel on your behalf.

Nathan is quick to point out that real estate is not about property, it is about the people, their needs and desires, and more importantly it's about their dreams. You will rapidly discover that Nathan does not see real estate simply as a career; he treats it as a privilege.