Seka Powell and the Golden Plains Shire

A Longstanding Relationship


I have wonderful, long-standing relationships with Golden Plains residents and I genuinely just love the area. I lived there for 16 years and worked there for even longer.


After I moved to Gartland in Geelong, it was just so lovely that residents kept seeking me out, asking me for advice and to list their homes.


Clients definitely want old-fashioned service and dedication, which suits me to a tee. I understand that vendors deserve more than just a business contract because selling a home is more personal than that.


I have moved the same people up to six times and often they say ‘we just want you to handle our property Seka. We know how you operate and we trust you.’


People know I have the history and knowledge of the area and what it takes to sell their properties. I am on the level with them, give them sincere advice and am accessible. Clients can call or message me at any time, tell me their thoughts and even possibly their fears. Understandably people can be anxious about selling, about moving into the next stage of their lives and they get to know that I’ll assist them in any way I can and advise them genuinely.


People have told me that they appreciate my genuine interest in them, their families and their life plans and that I always treat them with respect and operate with integrity. I take their investment in me seriously. The vendor is my employer and they have the right to have my 100 percent commitment to the sale of their house and I don’t deviate from that. I achieve consistently excellent results for my vendors and I’m not ashamed to say I work really hard for them.


I love that there’s a diversity of properties in the Golden Plains area and because of that there’s also a diversity of vendors and buyers.



Why the Golden Plains?


People are moving up from Geelong and Melbourne, particularly the western end. We are also seeing people from the Peninsula cashing in and reducing their mortgages to come out to the Golden Plains. People are just blown away by the warmth and the easiness of the environment.


For first-home buyers the area is an awesome starting point and springboard, particularly if they are struggling with the prices in Geelong. And, really it’s only two suburbs away!


Younger and working families, parents who want open spaces for their children to run free and ride their bikes around love not having to be worried about fencing their children in. I see families who want to bridge back to that old classic Australian lifestyle, with a connection to the land, kids roaming free and where the family can relax.


There is a sense of real community in the Golden Plains and people of all demographics are attracted to that. The people who live there love it!


I think it’ll continue to grow as a place of destination and a place to live because it is at the crossroads of Geelong, Ballarat and Melbourne. Where else can you have an amazing lifestyle without sacrificing convenience? The plains really are golden!