This Too Shall Pass

It is truly hard to believe that we are now in the last quarter of what has been one of the most extraordinary years of our lives.

Many of us in Australia, up until now, had never been through nor understood what having such severe external restrictions on our lives would look or feel like.

It has prompted me to reflect on stories my European parents told me about when they were young children during World War One and having to shelter from bombings, ration food, not being able to go to school (no Zoom lessons back then) and just living with such constant fear and anxiety.

I’ve been thinking about how this huge period in their lives, and the obstacles they had to overcome, helped shape them into the people they became and also influenced them to eventually migrate to Australia where they enjoyed so much being a part of the Geelong community and making a difference to people and lives around them.

Words like resilience, strength, bravery, humility and acceptance come to mind when I think of their experiences and outlook on life. Mostly I think about how they provided an example to me in caring for community and always sharing what they had, particularly with those who were most in need. My Mum would always talk of the importance of togetherness in surviving tough times.

At this moment in time, perhaps we have all again been prompted to think about our most important values and how we can now prioritise and strengthen them.

We may even dare to hope that from these tough times, we have an opportunity to shape our world for the better and re-centre the importance of taking care of each other.

As we move through this pandemic some will still have their careers, their jobs, their mental and physical health, their homes and their families around them. But some will not.

Many of us will get back to dining out, enjoying concerts, planning travel and partaking in all the other luxuries we are so accustomed to. But not all.

As life starts to pick up speed again, I will try to remember to take a moment, look around me and ask, “Are you okay?” and “Can I help?”.

Home and family are so important to many of us, and so is community.

Recently there has been good news for our local Geelong and Golden Plains communities in the strong and rising interest in our property market and we have seen house prices continue to grow. The appeal of our region is a secret no more – and the word will continue to spread as COVID restrictions are slowly lifted.

Here’s why:

Working from Home

One of the biggest changes to our lifestyle! People have now been facilitated to work from home and maybe they only need to go to the office once or twice a week. This allows buyers to look to more affordable properties outside of the capital cities.


More regional areas such as Geelong and Golden Plains are still much more affordable, especially for the Melbourne cohort who realise we are located just on their doorstep.

Safer and Slower Lifestyle

Just as when we had the 9/11 event in 2001 and the GFC in 2008, people look to restore simple joys in their life such as family time and peaceful surrounds. Our region offers access to a lifestyle where children can feel safe, go on a bike ride or bushwalk, and feel the freedom that comes with having space around them.

Significant Government Concessions for Regional areas

First time home buyers receive full exemption on Victorian Government Stamp Duty for a purchased home up to $600,000 in value, partial exemption on up to $750,000.

First home buyers Victorian Govt. grant of $20,000 if purchased home is under 5 years of age and is on market for the first time.

First home buyers Federal Govt. guarantee of 5% deposit, which must be applied for and is limited.

Federal Govt. grant of $25,000 if building a new home with cumulative house and land costs of up to $750,000. (Must be an Australian citizen and be buying principle place of residence).

Buyers are still out there

At the moment there are fewer properties on the market, which means it is a good time to sell. Prices remain solid. If that is what your family’s future plans are, don’t hesitate to bring the plan forward. Buyers are not able to negotiate as much when there are less properties to choose from.

So . . . If you are in the market to sell, contact me any time for an obligation-free appraisal. As long as we obey social distancing and face mask requirements, I can and will get you on track for your next move.
Time to get excited as Spring is here and with care and diligence, the sky is the limit!

Warmest regards,